The Woman Who Owned the Sun

Date: August 24, 2015
Author: admin
Posted in: News

A Spanish entrepreneur who claims to own the sun is now suing eBay for blocking her extraterrestrial real estate sales by suspending her account.

International Business Times has reported that a court in Madrid has ruled that 54-year-old Maria Duran has the right to have her case heard.

Duran had sold about 600 parcels of approximately 11 square feet (IN METRES) along with accompanying ownership documents before her account was suspended by eBay.

Under eBay’s ‘intangible goods’ policy, things that don’t actually exist cannot be sold on eBay, but interested customers can still purchase plots on Duran’s personal website.

Duran’s ownership is supposedly based on a loophole in the United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty, which states that planets cannot be owned by countries but doesn’t specifically state that they can’t be owned by an individual.

However, the court won’t rule on whether or not Duran’s claim of ownership over the sun is legitimate, but rather whether she violated eBay’s seller agreement.

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