Corporate Restructuring Services

What is Corporate Restructuring?

A company will generally undertake restructuring when it is faced with financial difficulties. It is a way to limit or eliminate financial harm or just a method to improve the business. Restructuring includes consolidation of debt and adjusting the terms of debt creating a way to pay security holders. Further restructuring can be done by slashing costs and selling assets to reduce size.

Why should my company consider a restructure?

If your company is, or is likely to become insolvent, there are options for a potential restructure of the business. It is crucially important to obtain the right legal advice to ensure that, as a director, you are acting in accordance with a director’s duties and that the proposed restructure is lawful.

Our firm can assist in restructuring your business, and we have acted in complicated restructures involving several entities within a group. It is often the case that there are competing interests of relevant stakeholders, debtors, creditors and a group as a whole which must be managed appropriately. Accordingly, it is critical to obtain the right advice prior to beginning a proposed restructure of a business. If the right advice is not followed from the outset it can be catastrophic for the directors of a company. There are obligations of directors at law that must be considered in any proposed restructure.

If your company is facing financial hardship, then contact our team today! It is entirely possible that the issues can be remedied through a corporate restructure.

What is Asset Protection?Asset Protection

Asset protection is an vital part of any business venture. A structure that is effective from an asset protection point of view should be considered early on in the company’s life or even prior to beginning operations. Unfortunately, most only take steps to protect their assets when the business is at risk of insolvency, or there is a threat from creditors. It is essential that parties take active steps in respect of asset protection given the risks of being involved in business.

How can we help?

Our Insolvency legal team are experts in both areas of restructure and asset protection. If your company’s assets are not legally organised in a manner that specifically suits you then you are not as protected as you could be. Each business should have a customised structure with each important asset placed out of reach of certain creditors.

Contact our team of professionally trained lawyers who are experts in restructuring and asset protection to discuss how restructuring can help your business.

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