Entrepreneurial Solutions and the Law

Entrepreneurial Solutions and the Law

Entrepreneurialism and law are working hand in hand in order to solve some the most difficult and persistent problems that exist in the law today. This article will examine two legal issue and some current hi-tech entrepreneurial based solutions.

Access to the law
Having adequate access to the legal system has been a major problem for remote communities in Australia due to the vast geographical sprawl of people across the country. In a recent report commissioned by Legal Aid it was found that:

  • It is extremely difficult to deliver effective legal services to people where there is a lack of pre-existing legal infrastructure;
  • The more isolated the community the more difficult it is for people to access legal services;
  • Many disadvantaged groups have difficulty in accessing the law including people living in remote, rural and regional areas.

However, in this area there have been many technological advancements which have allowed for greater legal access for people living in isolated and regional Australian communities. With the proliferation of newer communication apps such as ‘Line’ and ‘SlackChat’ communication has never been easier. Primarily these apps allow:

  • Free messaging and group texts available to both smart phones and PCs;
  • Easier and cheaper ways for remote parties to connect with people, particularly interstate and internationally as the cost of calling is free through these apps;
  • The ability to organise team conversations in open channels specified for projects, topics, teams or so that parties can effectively communicate with each other;
  • These communication methods can therefore help ensure that those needing access to legal services are provided for in the best way possible for their needs.

Reviewing Complex Legal Issues
In addition, another area of the law that is in need of reform is the provision of online complex legal advice. While the popularity of websites that provide simple legal advice on legal matters such as wills and drafting agreements, people with complex legal questions must often attend a law firm in person to receive tailored advice. However, recent technological and hi tech solutions to these issues have meant that certain complex areas of the law may be able to be dealt with online. In particular, a new website founded in 2014 called “LawGeex” is the world’s first Artificially Intelligent (AI) contract review platform that can ensure that ensure that businesses and individuals get a fair deal in contract terms before signing a contract.
The Israeli start-up company is able:

  • To review many different types of contracts within 24 hours and send a detailed report of what works and what doesn’t in the contract terms including missing clauses that should be in the contract;
  • Using a unique algorithm the company can compare the user’s contract with thousands of similar contracts and using similar contracts previously uploaded, provide important and relevant advice and benchmarks to ensure that users are aware of the potential issues with their contract;
  • This can help rectify the balance of power from lawyers to regular people in this area who may not be aware of their rights and ensure that legal advice remains cost effective and efficient at advising on complex contracts;
  • While this website deals with just one aspect of the law, the continued development of Artificially Intelligent software in the future will have greater capabilities and allow people cheaper and better solutions to their legal issues.

At Warlows Legal we specialise in Start Up law and consider ourselves ahead of the pack both in terms of our approach to legal service provision as well as our understanding of the issue affecting this industry. If you have a legal issue that you think we can help you with, please do not hesitate to be in touch. We use a range of technologies to keep costs low and maximise our client’s funds for their legal matter. We believe that the best results for our clients are those in which costs are kept low and innovative techniques are implemented in order to get the best results for our clients.

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