Warlows Legal’s mediators are nationally accredited and experienced in resolving commercial, multi-party, estate and family law matters through mediations and other collaborative alternative dispute resolution forums. Warlows Legal’s Mediation Services are distinguished by their settlement rate, price point and the following all-inclusive service

  • Full-day mediator
  • All reading and preparation time
  • Neutral, convenient, purpose built mediation facility
  • White-board, computer facilities, notepads and pens
  • Coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks

With Warlows Legal’s all-inclusive fixed fee, all the parties need to do is attend.

At Warlows Legal Mediation Services, we understand that when parties are fully and respectfully heard, and guided by a trained and experienced mediator, amicable and commercial settlements are achievable, even between the most polarized of parties.



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