Insolvency Lawyers In Sydney

Moisson Insolvency Lawyers In Sydney are a specialist law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai and Jerusalem that can help you with any insolvency law issues. Our lawyers have wide experience in advising clients with both small and large companies on their options relating to insolvency matters. Moisson Insolvency Lawyers Sydney are experts in areas of law related to insolvency including banking and finance, property law and mediation relating to commercial disputes.

We delivery quality legal advice to creditors, liquidators, corporations and individuals in relation to insolvency.

When do I need A Sydney Insolvency Lawyer?

You may need Moisson Insolvency Lawyers in Sydney if you require debt collection services, corporate restructuring or help appointing a liquidator. Our lawyers are able to advise you on taxation liabilities as well as guide you through the process of declaring bankruptcy and any fall out issues. If your company is facing money claims or requires advice specific to debtors or creditors we are able to help. Our lawyers can provide you with quick and easy advice that is easy to rely on. Our Sydney insolvency lawyers can advise you on any ASIC requirements that your company must comply with including winding up or liquidation orders as well as third party claims.  Challenging a receivership or claims against a liquidator are areas of law that our practice is well versed in and able to provide quality legal advice.Insolvency Lawyers In Sydney Office

If you require instruction on the Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) or on the rights and obligations of a bankrupt company please do not hesitate to be in touch with our firm. We have firsthand experience in commercial litigation and “claw backs” as well as recoverable transactions. Many of our firm’s previous clients included insurers, insolvency practitioners, individuals, large corporations and small companies. Due to our experience our insolvency lawyers in Sydney have often been involved in insolvent trading actions, breaches of director and fiduciary duties as well as voidable transaction claims. Cash flow insolvency is a serious matter that should be addressed immediately by legal professionals as soon as a problem is identified. Our law firm has extensive relationships with liquidators, administrators, receivers and trustees and will be able to advise you on the best path forward for you company.

What can Insolvency Lawyers in Sydney do for me?

If you think you need legal advice in relation to insolvency law contact one of our Sydney insolvency lawyers today. We can advise you in a sensitive and timely manner. We are able to offer you flexible payment terms and cost effective legal fees for your matter. Our law firm believes that the client should get the best value for money with their legal issues. When you are going through the difficult time of determining if your company is insolvent your best choice are our insolvency lawyers in Sydney who will give you confidential information to suit your legal needs. Moisson Lawyers is able to advise you on all areas of insolvency law. Call one of our experts today to make an appointment to see what our firm can do for you.

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