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The demand on charities and not-for-profits is higher than ever with recent changes in legislation and regulations. Having the proper legal structures in place can help you maximise profits and minimise costs. Our charities and not-for-profit team work closely with our Corporate Commercial team to ensure all the necessary corporate legal structures for your charity or not-for-profit organisation are properly established and tie in with each other.

These changes affect all charities and not-for-profits registered with the Australian National Charity Regulator (ACNC). In order to maintain a current registration with the ACNC, all legislation will need to be adhered to and charities with members now have to take extra steps be accountable.

Our Expertise

Our strong understanding of charities and not-for-profits, combined with 20 years commercial and legal experience allows our team of lawyers to provide advice on all aspects of their operations.

Whether it be tax exemptions, corporate governance, litigation, partnerships and collaborations, or funding, our not-for-profit team are committed to providing expert advice.

Our team has experience assisting charities with the following:

  • advising on appropriate legal structure and preparing governing documents
  • meeting legislative and regulatory requirements
  • GST compliance and availability of duty exemptions
  • fundraising registration
  • employment law
  • corporate governance
  • government funding advise
  • establishment of charitable trusts and bequest clauses in Wills
  • intellectual property advice
  • litigation and dispute resolution
  • risk assessment

Our team are well practiced at establishing best practice protocols to ensure your charity complies with the relevant legislation, and delivering transparency and accountability.

With charities and not-for-profits making up a large part of what we do, we have vast experience providing them with a range of other commercial legal services, including: advice on contracts, property transactions, investments, and joint ventures.

Get in touch with us today to register your charity or not-for-profit, or to discover how to can assist your organisation.

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