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Warlows Legal can provide you with experienced advice in relation to wills, trusts and estates to fulfil both your business and personal needs.


Business Estate Planning

Business Estate Planning is essentially a comprehensive business backup plan.

When change is the only constant, having a well considered and carefully planned Business Succession Plan in place ensures the long-term success of your business.

If you are a business owner you will know that the success of your business is largely due to the capability and hard work of the business owner. Business Estate Planning aims to protect the functioning and profitability of the business should something unpredictable happen.

A Business Succession plan fits within the larger strategic plan of the business. It aims to identify the risks that business face and outlines a strategy to minimise the risks.

Business Estate Planning involves so much more than just a succession plan. A solid plan will assess all the surrounding issues such as Tax, Stamp Duty, Superannuation Laws, Trusts, Wills, Estates and Family Law. All of these areas form part of a holistic and well-considered Business Estate Plan.

With over 20 years experience across all areas of Law and Strategic Business Development, Warlows Legal is more than qualified to put together a Business Succession Plan.

We’ve got the length and breadth of Business Estate Planning covered. A Warlows Legal Business Estate Plan includes expert advise from our associate accountants and financial planners, giving you the assurance that you’ll go forward with the comprehensive drive of knowledge and experience behind you.



Estate planning and wealth transfer are areas in which Warlows Legal possesses a vast range of experience. Both individuals and business owners stand to benefit from estate plans as they ensure that all personal objectives are achieved in the administration of assets. Our lawyers are determined to help you achieve these objectives by providing advice on wills, trusts, joint ownership, life insurance, inter-vivos gifts and alter-ego trusts.

Where particular and specialised support is needed in the event of disability or incapacity, Warlows Legal is proud to be your trusted legal advisor. Similarly, in the event of contested matters, you can rely on our litigation team to resolve disputes and provide qualified representation.


Whether it be business or personal, we have all your wills, trusts and estates needs covered. Get in touch with our experienced team today on 03 8554 3800.

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