Aged Care Expertise


Our team of experts in the aged care industry provides comprehensive advice to individuals entering aged care facilities.

We offer the full range of services, including: review of documents, correspondence with facility operators, preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, and conveyancing.

Our lawyers can assist in navigating the various relevant contracts, and can provide suitable advice relevant to your situation. Our team of lawyers specialising in wills and estates can assist in drafting or updating current Wills and Powers of Attorney to reflect your current situation.


Our Expertise

We can undertake a contract review, and provide you with a written report detailing:

  • explanation of the structure offered by the facility owner;
  • evaluation of benefits and potential risks;
  • details of the various fees payable including fees on admission and departure;
  • summary of the facilities to be provided; and
  • summary of the levels of care to be provided.

Our team can further negotiate with the facility owners on your behalf.

We also offer services related to entering aged care facilities, including:

  • drafting or amending Wills and Powers of Attorney;
  • conveyancing.


View our Aged Care Fee Structure here.

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