The Importance of HR

Date: March 6, 2015
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Human resources, or HR, isn’t just about paying employees on time every month. HR is a key player in developing an effective business strategy as well as handling any people-related issues within the business itself.

Effective HR management is essential at every stage of a business’ life. For smaller businesses, this is because many employees perform cross-functional duties. A smaller workforce means that if even just one person leaves, it leaves the business with a huge gap to fill and is potentially a threat to the business’ profitability.

On a broader level, HR helps facilitate employee training and development and performance improvement as well as ensuring employee satisfaction and managing workplace conflicts. They are also responsible for making sure your business complies with national employment standards and legislation.

Australia’s workplace relations landscape has become increasingly litigious in recent years. Large penalties for non-compliance with wage rates, record keeping, key deadlines and appropriate hiring and termination processes can have a negative impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Larger businesses often employ whole Human Resources departments to manage employee needs, internal staffing operations and maintain compliance. As your business reaches critical mass, retaining valued employees whilst remaining cost effective necessarily becomes a crucial component of your business.

Warlows Legal offers a Virtual HR service which is designed to give businesses the benefits of a Human Resources team even before they can afford to employ dedicated staff for the purpose. From payroll to employee termination, salary reviews and record compliance, the Virtual HR service provides your business with the capacity to outsource their employment responsibilities.

The Virtual HR process is optimised for growing businesses or overseas companies that are unfamiliar with Australian laws. As part of our package, we will provide ongoing training, support and explanations of procedures to enable your business to become independent of our service when it is large enough for this to be a cost effective decision.

To find out more, please get in touch with us.

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