Legal Innovation

Date: June 22, 2015
Author: admin
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The legal industry is seen by consumers as an archaic affair that grudgingly accepts innovation and technology. Ironically, the same industry helps innovators commercialise their intellectual property so that they may become market leaders.

Law firms have realised that consumers have changed and more importantly, the way information is consumed has changed over the past 10 years. The internet has become an Aladdin’s cave of open secrets regarding legal documents and advice. Larger clients are able to maintain their legal advisors but for small entrepreneurs, establishing a business and obtaining sound legal advice can become a precarious balancing act.

Warlows Legal are pleased to announce that they will be introducing a log-in system for their clients. The log-in system will allow clients to access standard documents at a fixed fee and also enable them to pay their invoices through the Warlows Legal website. Our firm has recognised that start up businesses want documents that they can rely on without receiving a suite of standard documents that are so generic that they require further amendments, resulting in higher legal costs. By providing access to these documents, businesses can work hand in hand with us to ensure their decisions are made on a solid commercial and legal basis without the mammoth legal fees.

Working alongside our client log in will be our new payment method. Law firms are also notorious for still sending out invoices and expecting clients to pay them the old fashioned way. A recent VISA survey reports that 72% of customers pay their bills online; thus, Warlows Legal have made an investment in their online presence to better suit the way you transact.

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