Warlows Legal speaks to Pinnacle Capital

Date: February 13, 2015
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Litigation can be a costly process. Access to adequate funds as well as concern about the financial consequences of an unsuccessful result can be significant barriers to the pursuit of an otherwise effective litigation strategy, and unless you have deep pockets, you may need to seek a temporary finance solution. We spoke to Peter Goldberg from Pinnacle Capital about funding litigation.

Warlows Legal: What is litigation funding?

Peter: Litigation funding, also known as legal financing or third-party funding, enables you to litigate if you are unable to pay for it. A third party professional funder will pay some or all of the costs and expenses associated with your dispute in return for a share of the proceeds if you are successful.

Warlows Legal: Who would be eligible for this sort of loan?

Peter: Litigation funding is available for a large spectrum of clients including those with insolvency cases or strong commercial cases that lend to good prospects of success.

Warlows Legal: What is Pinnacle Capital’s role in all of this?

Peter: Our goal is to provide you with a personal service, allowing you one point of contact from the initial review of your needs through to the settlement of your loan and beyond.

MWarlows Legal: What is your favourite part of your job?

Peter: Helping people achieve their goals, whether it be having their day in court, buying their dream home or building their private wealth.

For further information regarding the process to arrange funding for your case please contact Peter Goldberg or Kayla Barber.

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