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Date: April 19, 2016
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 While Warlows Legal is based in Australia and Israel, we are fortunate to have highly experienced lawyers specialising across multiple jurisdictions, including USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and of course, Israel. This provides our clients with many benefits, including increased cost efficiency, superior legal service and greater availability.

The fact that we have strong multi-jurisdictional capabilities allow us to serve all of our clients’ needs, whichever parts of the world their matters may extend to. Rather than having to outsource legal matters which involve other jurisdictions to different law firms, which can often involve “broken telephone” or “lost in translation” issues, our team is filled with highly experienced lawyers who specialise in a number of different jurisdictions. This allows us to keep the matters substantially in-house and provide our clients with a single point of call.

Many of our lawyers come with ‘big firm’ experience. However due to Warlows Legal’ flexible work arrangements our clients do not need to pay for the expensive overheads that are common with the larger firms. This means that Warlows Legal clients get the benefit of top class advice at very reasonable rates.

Our flagship multi-jurisdictional practice involves Australia-Israel legal advice, with Partner Allon Ledder heading up our Israel office. We have a deep understanding of Israel’s legal systems and processes to ensure that our client are provided with a holistic approach to their legal issues. This service is ideal for Australians looking to move into the Israeli market and vice versa.

Having lawyers based in different time zones ensures that we are always available around the clock and never out of contact. We do not limit our client contact to the standard 9-5 working hours and make sure we always have a lawyer on call to deal with any pressing matters. We take advantage of our different time zones to provide clients with an efficient and effective service. When a lawyer is Australia is starting to get tired (and less productive) they will pass the work on to a fresh and well-rested colleague overseas to continue the job. This allows us to turn around complex tasks in record time.

When it comes to multi-jurisdictional matters, our clients enjoy the knowledge and experience of a large international law firm, while being provided with the personal touch we strive to offer. Our lawyers are friendly and readily approachable, with no task too big or too small for our helpful team.

If you have a matter involving other jurisdictions, and want friendly advice at reasonable rates, get in touch with us today.

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