The future is now: Robo-lawyers

Date: January 18, 2016
Author: admin
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If you’ve ever paid a parking fine you disagree with simply because you felt it wasn’t worthwhile to challenge it, listen up – a teen in the UK has now developed a ‘robot lawyer’ designed to help people challenge unfair fines.

The website was built over the summer by UK student Joshua Browder, who taught himself code when he was just 12 years old.

“I realised that the best way to help people would be to create a computer program that could talk to users, generate appeals and answer questions like a human,” says Browder.

The DoNotPay Robot is used like an instant message service and is used like a text message conversation.

“Instead of talking to a human, users are actually talking to a robot with human emotions powered by artificial intelligence”.

Browder developed the DoNotPay Robot by scanning thousands of pages of documents released by a Freedom of Information request. He then had the legal complexities fine-tuned with the help of a leading traffic lawyer.

As a result, the website can make claims on behalf of consumers, generating a legal letter based on information from a series of questions and selecting a basis for appeal, including anything from missing details on the ticket to arguing that the vehicle had diplomatic immunity.

The Indepedeant reports that Browder intends to keep the website free for users and claims that not only is it quick to use, it also offers the best possible chance for motorists to win their appeals.

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