Attorney-General being sued over fee increases

Date: July 24, 2015
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Fee increase? #SueYou!

A law suit has been filed against Attorney-General George Brandis in an effort to reverse the recently introduced Family and Federal Circuit Court fee increases.

The law suit has been file by federal MP Graham Perret, who argues the changes are “a tax designed to exploit people during their darkest days.”

The Federal Government’s introduction of these new charges will see fees increasing on average by 11%, effective from 13 July 2015.

Some of the biggest fee increases include:

  • Application for Divorce increasing from $845 to $1,200;
  • Consent Orders increasing from $155 to $240; and
  • Issuing subpoenas increasing from $55 to $125.

Even in the event that the law suit against Senator Brandis is unsuccessful, it has been widely reported that the changes may still be reversed through legislative means, with a number of parties expected to move to disallow the new legislation when the Senate sits this month.

A spokesperson for Senator Brandis has said that the increases are necessary to fund court building maintenance, and to “enhance their capacity to provide services”, which has been interpreted as funding the replacement of recently, and soon to be, retired Judges.
As if divorce wasn’t expensive enough…


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