5 Minutes with John Au-Yeung

Date: January 27, 2017
Author: Harriet Warlow-Shill
Posted in: Insights


We spoke to one of our Associates, John Au-Yeung, to learn more about him and gain some insight into his role at Warlows Legal.


What areas do you practice in?

I would best describe myself as an insolvency and bankruptcy lawyer with commercial and corporate litigation background.

I am also the responsible lawyer managing Warlows’s New South Wales conveyancing practice at our Sydney office.


What is your favourite part of being a lawyer?

It is a very challenging and “hands-on” job!

I enjoy problem-solving, working with people and assisting others.

As a lawyer, I am always ready to “strike a blow for justice in the Australian way”.


What is your funniest Warlows Legal memory so far?

A classic moment was after my foot surgery, I was dressed in a full suit, one “flip flop” and a leather shoe to work. Definitely an eye catching moment for many at Martin Place!


What is something that people may not know about you?

I am a strategic thinker, martial artist and had once attained 1st place in the National All Japan Karate Federation, Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai tournament held at Sydney’s Olympic Park.


If we don’t find you in the office we will find you…?

I would most likely be “out-and-about”, spending quality time with my family, loved ones and friends.


Finally, what advice do you have for budding lawyers and law students?

“A true master is an eternal student”. There is no edge with learning! When you’re uncertain about something, please, always seek for guidance and/or assistance from senior lawyers and colleagues. Never be afraid to ask because, “You’re a team!”

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